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Startup Macedonia
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Startup Macedonia main objective!

The main objective of the Association is to connect Macedonian startup community to encourage and help startups to create favorable environment for creative work.

Startup News

SCV & Netcetera invest 500.000 in UK/Macedonian Startup Cognisam

SCV is participating in $500,000 seed round in Cognism, a UK/Macedonian start-up and its state of the art solution that provides sales organisations with a more efficient and privacy compliant way to prospect customers. For SCV this is the first investment with a syndicate of international investors, which apart from Netcetera include Chinese Tsingbay Venture Capital, Tom James, James Hodson and others.

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From 10–13 February Startup Macedonia had several meetings with Swiss EP Tobias Stone, getting ideas and developing it’s 12 months operational programme.

Read more about legislative for Startups in the blog post by Attorney Aleksov

Events 2017

January 12th 2017 — Introduction to Growth Hacking event — organiser Brainster, Startup Macedonia #SwissEP.

January 28–29th 2017 — Journalist Startup Competition by IDEA

February 1st 2017 — BIZSPAK Microsoft programe for Startups application at Seavus Incubator

February 7th 2017 — Interconnecting the Ecosystems by SM at Seavus Incubator

February 1st 2017 — Tech.O event by Valoso Hub, SCV and Startup Macedonia at ValosoHub

February 9th 2017 — Founders Day Fund of Innovation at FITR

February 9th 2017 — Founders Day Fund of Innovation at FITR

February 10th 2017 — Startup Europe Week Conference, co-organised by Startup Macedonia, FITR and Inseption Enterpise at EU info centre

February 13th 2017 — Startup Macedonia Meetup with Tobias Stone at Hub Skopje

Till now we managed to map more than 100 Macedonian startups and 25 organizations that support startup in Macedonia. Help us easily map the Macedonian startup ecosystem.

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Startup Macedonia

Startup Macedonia is an Association created by a group of Macedonian startup enthusiasts, experts, investors, accelerators and organisations, who have one commo