TechPack: Sales.Rocks Interview (English)

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5 min readJun 16, 2020


1. Explain your service/product with 4 words, a mantra of types (as creative as possible)

Oh gosh, not the most creative person but let me give it a shot.

uncut diamond: It is never done, it could always be a bit prettier but we are working on it :)

waterfall: With more than 75M companies and their contacts there is a huge flow of constant leads that is updated daily.

needle in the haystack: It helps you find ideal prospects from more than 75 filters so instead of spending time manually to figure out whether it is a fit, the platform does it for you.

Tesla: Similar to a self-driving car, Sales.Rocks can take care of most of your sales work by automating processes like finding leads, verifying them or reaching out to them.

2. Write a short info summary about your company and offer (what the product is, where it is offered (countries)).

Sales.Rocks is a leading Sales and Marketing Enablement Platform that provides teams with professional profiles and business data, highly needed for executing every-day Sales and Marketing activities. The features of the platform are based on intuitive functionalities and options that cover sales processes from finding the business data to reaching out to the clients. We’ve combined data-driven processes and highly accurate data sources to develop an all-in-one solution for international teams. Our base market was the domestic Netherlands, and we spread to all the Scandinavian and Nordic countries. We now cover all large Western European countries, European developing and developed countries, many of the Balkan countries and even USA and Canada with business and contact data.

3. How has demand changed for your product/service during the COVID19 crisis?

With the start of the lock downs for companies and the remote work, it was almost impossible for sales teams to schedule face-to-face meetings with clients and have direct contact with them. We’ve then noticed increased requests for contact data in terms of direct email addresses and phone numbers. With the focus changed and some drastic changes in some industries, clients started looking for different target groups and possible markets, so the need for new comprehensive data emerged.

We saw a lot of client implementing online based sales approaches and to fuel CRM or marketing automation systems, B2B leads are crucial.

4. Please list your Perfect Buying Persona (a quick consumer analysis (target group) is fine as well)

Our Ideal Customer Profile would be any Sales Representative, Growth Hacker, or CEO that would need basic to advanced contact data for business development such as gaining access to a new segment or new market. The features of the platform follow the latest sales and marketing automation tools, so it can be integrated with the current tools, used by any tech-savvy team.

5. What is your offer for the Macedonian SME’s during the COVID19 crisis?

Many Macedonian SME’s work with international clients, on different markets. The Sales.Rocks Platform can offer constant business data for SME’s working with the locals like Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Kosovo, but also on a larger scale for Croatian, Slovenian, Hungarian markets, providing them with data outside of Linkedin, from different industries and including company registries even for the smallest businesses. As the liquidity of the Macedoanian and companies from the region got lower, this would be an opportunity for the SME’s to look outside of the region for clients.

In addition to our European database, we have local and region contact and company data as well. And we are also expanding our platform to include US and Canadian data. By utilising the data we offer, Macedonian SME’s are able to target business from various industries in fast developing local and regional businesses, and two of the biggest markets in the world, namely the European Union and the USA. In addition we source our data outside of LinkedIn, giving macedonian companies a bigger reach opportunity.

With the rise of the e-commerce industry during the COVID19 their target has increased, so the Sales.Rocks platform can also offer detailed data for e-commerce targeting and other industries by codes.

6. How will your solution offering help the SME’s in Macedonia?

The Sales Enablement in this situation is crucial, as almost all industries started to feel the obstacles during the crisis and even some of them started collapsing, especially for Macedoanian companies working only with domestic clients. Our platform would be a solution to finding new target markets outside of the country like Western Europe for example, and avoiding the face-to-face business meeting with omnichannel communication.

Since many companies have implemented work from home policies that have rendered common reach out options as no longer viable, this presents an issue for targeting and contacting international clients. Our platform offers specific contact information and channels of outreach as well. Acting as an all in one hub. To add our platform is available 24/7 with a dedicated knowledge base.

7. Which industries would benefit the most from your company’s offer?

Almost all industries, except maybe for agriculture and production, would benefit from it. Industries like IT, e-commerce and media would benefit the most.

8. How do you think the COVID19 crisis will change the overall business cycle and environment for the Macedonian industries?

One trend that we can point out is the increased rate of digitising the business workload and the heavier usage of cloud software services. This presents a great opportunity for businesses offering that type of service and specialising in software products.

The whole business cycle would definitely go ONLINE. Macedonian businessmen and sales representatives still work with the old “sales in Kafana” principle, which is now not an option. Many of the conventional industries like stores, banks needed to change their environment to digital both for communication and business purposes, so we are expecting the rise of the digitalization in the macedoanian business world. Thus, SaaS solutions will notice increased demand, as teams working here and outside of the country would need to stay connected, find a workaround for their tasks and try to retrieve their liquidity. Offering international online services would most definitely be beneficial for the Macedonia economy.



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